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Our Story

Upendo Children’s Home has been open since December 2012 and provides for about 40 children with provisions of shelter, food, clothing, and medical care. Before coming to Upendo Children’s Home, those children were once left out in the cold streets to fend for themselves.  They came from either the streets, abusive homes, or were orphaned and had no responsible guardian. From the moment they arrive at the home, boys and girls are shown love and compassion. The staff and volunteers who work at the children’s home are their family, big brothers and sisters.

The home has both house moms and house dads. All our staff are trained to attend to all children’s needs. The social worker is also a great resource to the home because he teaches the children safety skills, hygiene and responsibility. All the children have access to a warm bath, three nutritious meals a day, clean clothes and medical care. A majority of the children attend a nearby public school, St Paul’s Primary school, while a few gifted children attend a boarding school.

What We Do

Basic Counselling:
The social worker provides basic counselling to the children to help them overcome any trauma from their past. The children are taught to be hopeful and to trust in God for their future.

Our love –Upendo- goes beyond the doors of Upendo Children’s Home. There are other children, at least 50, out there that receive other resources from Upendo Kids. Children who are poor and unable to provide for their educational needs are sponsored by Upendo Kids through a sponsorship program. Those children live in the care of their relatives but our organization took the burden of education from their relatives. It helps the parents or other relatives who are taking care of those children to be able to provide for other members of the families.

Emergency Shelter:
The home is also used as an emergency shelter by the police and other social services workers in the areas of Juja, Thika and Kiambu. If there are children who need a safe shelter and warmth, they are brought to the home for a short time until other arrangements are made for them. Sometimes, the children end up living at the home till they age out at 18.

Spiritual Teachings:
The children are taught Christian values. Even though there is no religious discrimination within Upendo, children who come to the home are taught to live a Christian life. They become members of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Juja, and participate in Sunday school activities including annual festivals.

Upendo children know to greet all their visitors who come into the home with angelic voices- singing gospel songs as a sign of appreciation.