Upendo Kids - Help Africa

Founder’s Giving Tuesday Campaign

My name is Eunice Menja, the founder of Upendo Kids Village (aka Upendo Children’s Home) located in Murang’a, Kenya. I am raising funds for Upendo during this year’s Giving Tuesday. My Facebook goal is to raise $1000 on this Giving Tuesday. However, $1000 is part of my ULTIMATE goal of $4100 meant to fund the following items:

-$2000 more to go for a GREENHOUSE project at Upendo Kids Village – weather has changed so much causing multiple famine seasons in Kenya.

-$1000 for Christmas at Upendo Kids Village – Our kids love new shoes, dresses, shirts. We want to make sure that this is achieved for Christmas.

-$1100 for a Dairy cow – to produce milk for the children and staff at Upendo. Please join me by donating to this campaign. Thank you very much for your continued support.