Who We Are

Our History

Upendo Kids, Inc was founded in 2007 when Eunice realized that there were many children’s needs that were not being addressed back in her motherland.

Eunice has both education, training and experience background that allows her to understand how child abuse and child poverty could impact the future of children in Kenya. As Eunice was growing up in her small village, in central part of Kenya, she faced a lot of challenges but always remembers the efforts her parents put in order to send her and her siblings to school.

Eunice agrees that child abuse may not be completely eliminated, in any part of the world, but she knows fighting against it is worth a try. According to Eunice, she had first hand experience of excess punishment when she was in elementary school. Corporal punishment was not illegal and both teachers and parents used it, in excess though.

Growing up with such challenges, Eunice did not know if she would ever be able to help such victims. It is not until she arrived in the US where she earned both her bachelors and Masters degrees in Human Development and Family Science from Oklahoma State University. She acquired a lot of knowledge before she started developing programs to prevent children who are risk or are victims of child abuse.

Were it not for people like Eunice’s husband, Robert Menja, and their daughters, church family and friends, this story would never have continued.

There is much more positive things to this story, you just need to get connected to this ministry and you will learn the rest. You will become part of this story and together we will celebrate what the Lord has done for Upendo Kids!